Steve Savage

I have posted some photos of the “leave-taking” event for Ilse in Berlin, Sunday, May 17th, 2009, on my Facebook page. Just look under Steve Savage.

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Smitten the first time I was touched by Breath
A love that embraces the joy and bliss
As well as the sorrow and suffering
A love that teaches the true meaning of being embodied
That endures beyond death
For-Ever Lasting Love

In Memory of Ilse Middendorf

Margaret Marcoccia, May 2009

A group of practitioners gathered together yesterday in a moving tribute to Ilse’s life. Many lives have been touched at unspeakable levels of depth. Thank you for coming together. It meant a lot for me to hear your stories and to practice Ilse’s work together. It is inspiring to know that the work lives on through the touch of breath brought to us from Ilse.


The Memorial for Ilse on Sunday, May 17 was absolutely

beautiful, meditation, vowels, movement from breath,

sharing stories with laughter and tears. And, of course


For the rest of the year, the once a month Breath Meditation will be dedicated to remembering Ilse. This happens either the last Sunday or the first Sunday of the month. The meditation is free, 10:00 to 11:00 am at the Middendorf Institute for Breathexperience, 801 Camelia Street, Suite C, Berkeley, CA. Call the Institute 510.981.1710 for information.

“Ever since Ilse passed away I feel her presence very strongly. I feel her in my bones and in my breath, I feel her in my body and I feel her in beloved nature. Most of all n the intense greenness of Spring (which I experience in Germany). I never felt Ilse closer than these days. Her being penetrates every cell, and I feel a tremendous amount of energy and love. Powerful and sweet. So I know that Ilse did not go anywhere far away or if she did she is still became part of me and all of us who worked with her and had the good fortune to be in her presence. What grace to have known her. Another gift was that my niece Rachel gave birth to a baby girl called Mai (meaning May In English) just a couple of days after I had received the news about Ilse. I saw Mai just an hour after she was born. The same sweetness. I do not mean to talk about rebirth in the literal sense but holding the baby in my arms I got this profound sense of life going on. Breath going on. Maybe Breath will be in all living beings eventually and make all beings conscious. And all of us united in the Big Breath. Thank you, Ilse, for your gift of Breathxperience.”

Ilse Middendorf and her work, breathexperience changed my life. Learning to trust to let my breath come and go on its own without wanting or controling has made a huge difference. I am so grateful.

Ericka Mani Littmann